TTS Pharma Ltd


R&D Activities

We have a number of exciting and innovative cannabinoid research projects across several species generating the evidence needed to improve healthcare in both humans and animals. We are actively involved in, or sponsor, projects with different Universities under relevant U.K. Home Office licenses. These include ‘Seed genetics and phenomics’, ‘Fractionation’, ‘Process engineering & optimisation’, Preclinical trials into the comparative effects and efficacy of cannabinoids in the treatment of ‘Anxiety’; ‘Dependence and substance use’, ‘Infection, inflammation and immunity’ and ‘Pain and nausea’. 

Peer reviewed publications will be made available in due course.  

We invite enquiries from academic teams and partners who need reliable and consistent supplies of high quality Cannabinoid products manufactured utilising current ‘best practices’ found within the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) industry.

Telephone: +44 0151 482 9160