TTS Pharma Ltd

Executive Management Team

TTS Pharma is led by an experienced management team with pharmaceutical and public company expertise and a proven track record of innovative, and effective product development and supply chain management. 

Mr. Mark Tucker B.S.

Chief Executive Officer

Mark licensed the first nicotine patch to Novartis (CIBA) in 1989 and has five other drug delivery patents. Mark worked at Penn Pharma in the 1990’s where Thalidomide was manufactured and re-introduced (by Celgene) into mainstream healthcare. He also successfully developed one of the first NHS-led Companion Diagnostics in UK and has overseen an international manufacturing and supply chain incorporating a GMP manufacturing site in China.

Mr. Bo Tandrup M.Sc. Pharm.

Director of Business Development

Bo founded one of the four medicated chewing gum companies who has managed to launch pharmaceutical products on the World market. This firm currently controls about 4-5% of the global market for Nicotine gum. Bo has overseen product development from lab bench to market of several products and as a Pharmacist is also a ‘Qualified Person’ allowing release of our products across Europe.

Dr. Hubert Matthews M.A. D. Phil.

Director of Digital Affairs

Hubert is our digital architect. He is responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring our own immutable data solutions with a team of expert contractors. He has extensive experience as a Consultant to various International companies in logistics and healthcare including DHL and the UK’s NHS Blood Transfusion Service.